product design

Senior capstone: Classroom Furniture System

Capstone process book (Download CapstoneBook.pdf):

Final concept presentation including research findings and process of ideation:

Midterm presentation on first semester early research and ideation:

Internship Step Stool

During summer '17 I worked for a furniture studio owned by an RIT adjunct professor, Byron Conn. During my time there, I designed this elegant and simple step stool and took it from ideation to production. The two parts of the stepstool can be carried as a unit when pushed together, but are completely disconnected when pulled apart.

Will scan more of my ideation sketches soon...

The parts were cut on a CNC

Junior Year Product Series

A product series consisting of a touch activated lamp and a clock. The design language emphasizes negative space, simple forms, and materials.

Final presentation:

renders, models, and drawings


web design

website: website: website: personal blog template

Wikepage based blog

This project, completed in 2016 for a rapid online presence course, was built by modifying an existing php wiki system, Wikepage. I edited the php to allow for basic commenting and use lightbox to view images, and built a custom skin for the website.


Castle Blocks

Castleblocks is a project that my sister and I have been working on for several years. As children, we always wished that we had a block set particularly designed to make castles, and now we have the opportunity to create what we dreamed of. Currently, we only have a paper version completed to test viability.


Sometimes I just need to play, and I pick up a marker, a pen, or just some wire and begin to make something. These are artifacts of an active mind applying itself to 2d and 3d mediums. Nobody paid me for these!


Sometimes, when I see a thing or a place which has some natural or designed beauty, I wish I could capture the feeling of joy that I have. Capturing joy is difficult, but photography can at least remember the vision I saw and remind me of a piece of it later. Most of these photos were taken during a photography class in the spring of 2017 when I had access to a high quality camera

Anno Domini

A friend, Matthew Fox, asked me to help him illustrate a poem he is working on titled "Anno Domini". I will be uploading some of the progress images here.


I directed and produced The Bacon as the final project for a film course. It was fun to storyboard, film, and edit the footage together, and I have been finding opportunities to make super-short films ever since.

The Bacon red-spotted newts


Hi, I'm Daniel Schwab. I love designing pretty much anything, but my formal education is in Industrial Design with minors in Web Design and Development and Music Performance. Now that I have graduated, I hope to jump right into a corporate environment or a smaller design firm, but I am still looking for the right position. During my enrollment at RIT, I focused on developing an interdisciplinary design sense, and exploring the realms of graphic design, interface design, and user experience design, as well as maintaining my interest in music, history, and theology. If you haven't already, take a look at some of my work. I try to add the latest designs when I have time!